Fast online solver for Tangleword / Boggle / etc. -type games. Enter your board in the form below to find all words.

See below for more information and a note about cheating.

(2002-02-14) Implemented cube-corner solver (see below for a picture) at someone's request. Does this version of the game have a name? Is there a "3D Boggle" game like that?

(2002-02-80) Discuss this program.

(2002-01-24) If you don't know how to use this program, please read this.

(2001-10-28) Updated version. Should be at least 4x as fast (as if it wasn't fast enough before), and includes support for multiple dictionaries. Board size is now automatically determined by how many letters you input. By-length output is sorted alphabetically within each length bracket.

(2010-10-29) This solver is currently broken due to a server move (which affected the way CGI programs can be run via server-side-includes). I'm working with DreamHost support to resolve the issue. Thanks for your patience!

(2010-11-01) Back up and running, thanks for your patience!

Min letters/word
Solve mode


Rules of the game may be found [here].


Min letters/word: Show words with at least this many letters.

Dictionary: The list of allowed words to use.

Board: Enter the board's letters in the box, like this:


The solver ignores non-letters, and always assumes a square board. It takes the 'q' you enter as the 'qu' combination, which can be used in each word as either 'q' or 'qu'. The solver does not obey the following rule (from the [Playsite Tangleword Rules] page):

...In the case of the "Qu" tile being next to a "U" tile, the "Qu" cannot be used in conjunction with a "U" tile. In other words, you cannot form a word such as "quaint" using both a "Qu" and a "U" -- only a "Qu" tile would be acceptable in this case.

Solve mode:

This option allows the program to solve 3D cube-corner boards in addition to the normal square boards. Enter the letters as shown here:

About cheating:

Yes, you can easily cheat using this program and achieve sky-high scores in rated online versions of the game. You could also cheat in online or correspondence chess by entering your opponent's moves into your chess program, and thereby easily win against all but the most advanced players. There's nothing novel about it; it just takes the fun out of the game for you (at least after a few games) and your opponents (immediately).

Feel free to use this program after the round is over to check how many words everyone missed, to get statistics on the longest words, etc. If you feel absolutely compelled to win a round or two using this program just to see how high your score can be, I'll tell you right now, it can be 400 to 500 points (or more) (PlaySite scoring) (but it will be painfully obvious to the other players that you are cheating). If that still won't deter you, at least be considerate and log on as guest so that you don't adversely affect everyone else's ratings.

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