I was born in 1979.

I used to have many stuffed animals when I was little, including a cool teddy bear with swivel-able arms and legs. Anyway, what happened was that one day I was playing with my bear, pretending to cook him in the oven. (Don’t ask.) I forgot him in there, my mother started cooking dinner, and a horrible smell soon permeated the house. Needless to say, she had really cooked my bear! The food was ruined, and of course so was the bear. I cried and cried… But I look back now and laugh at the whole thing. She cooked my bear! He didn’t have a name, but I declare, Bearnard would have been appropriate. And after his incident, he would forever be known, in teddy bear heaven, as Burnard.

I graduated from UCLA in 2002 with a B.S. in Computer Science.

I type about 100 wpm using the Dvorak keyboard layout.

I worked at Google for three years, from 2008 ’til 2011. Google was actually the first big company I worked at. I decided I didn’t like the big-company environment, preferring to be more self-directed. I love the feeling of being fully responsible for a project, from its design to its implementation, and having it represent all sides of me when it’s done. Google was a great learning experience, but it’s hard to find a role inside a company where one can wear as many hats as one wants.

I have a great deal of technical experience developing database applications for small businesses, using MySQL as a backend and Microsoft Access as a frontend. Say what you will about it, but Access is a great tool for quickly developing Windows-style interfaces. I enjoy understanding a company’s business model, constructing a data model to match, and crafting the UI which employees will use to interact with it. Using Access backed by MySQL has a number of caveats when applications are to be somewhat scalable, but it’s a good toolset.

I became interested in the nature of the mind, how the brain gives rise to it, and how this illusion we call consciousness works. I’m at the very beginning of a pathway of inquiry into this, which is generally going to be a pathway of self-inquiry. I think that most people go through life rather blindly, although being non-blind does not necessarily allow one to automatically be able to act or respond differently to what one sees. But it is a start.

I currently live in San Jose (the “heart of Silicon Valley”) and am working on a number of iPhone applications, as well as sharpening my art skills.

I used to be a Windows user, but I have recently gave gone over to the Mac side. I’m not going to evangelize either operating system: each has its strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve attended Burning Man a few times.

My favorite authors are Haruki Murakami, Tom Robbins and the science fiction writer Greg Egan. Each is mind-expanding in a different sort of way.