Monthly Archives: October 2012

If only we can destroy all codes and computers world peace can be easily achieved.

I am a programmer. I dislike the above comment.

End of these computing devices will bring everlasting peace to my life at least… You, Michael I am sure would be far happier and peaceful while NOT dealing with arrays and pointers and loops or so I hope.

[Name removed], programming is like solving a puzzle, once I’m “in the zone” it’s enjoyable and feels good to come up with new ideas and see the effects in the running program. Also, compare parts of the world where people use computers a lot, vs. parts of the world where they don’t. Which is more peaceful?

Computers are tools that help us solve problems we could never solve before, but they also create new problems. People are often isolated and alienated due to our lifestyles. Do programs that trade stocks faster really add any value? But also there are so many new possibilities. Diseases cured/prevented, the world better understood and safer for the average individual than ever before, artistic possibilities, etc.

I like composing music using electronic instruments (computers) as well, and also use my computer to write, edit photos that hopefully bring other people a little enjoyment, etc. It’s kind of abstract to think of programs as extensions of our minds, but that’s going to be more and more clear.

I agree about the more stressful and demanding part, though. Why is that, and how can we be free of it? I think it’s a form of information and expectation overload, and it’s related to ego. (=> Self-judgment and not enough self-compassion; need to construct and identify with a self-judged “worthy” personal image in the complex world, something that marketing creates in us in an inflated way, etc.)

That is, computers are an extension of our minds, but it’s also important to give our minds lots of rest and just “be”.